Innovative ECMO Concepts Seeks to Alleviate Provider Burnout with New Benefits Packages and Novel Employment Model

As a leading ECMO program partner, we emphasize flexibility and custom workforce solutions to meet the needs of providers and hospitals alike.

As a leader in helping hospitals implement and expand life-saving and profitable extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) programs, we’ve announced a new highly flexible and competitive compensation program for its ECMO specialists. The new program is designed to alleviate burnout among healthcare workers and enable hospitals to cost-effectively implement and grow their ECMO programs.

Burnout among healthcare workers has skyrocketed in recent years and remains high, despite the waning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Great Resignation has seen nearly 3 million workers leave healthcare, further exacerbating the situation. Hospitals and healthcare providers alike are seeking new employment models that prioritize the wellbeing and quality of life that healthcare providers demand, while also providing exceptional and reliable care to increasingly complex patients. Our highly competitive and flexible scheduling model delivers on both needs and sets the standard for the future of hospital employment across multiple specialties. 

“Healthcare is human care. The quality of care provided by a hospital is only as good as the people providing that care. This means the healthcare system must prioritize the wellbeing and work-life integration of its providers,” said John R. Mehall, MD, MBA, President of Innovative ECMO Concepts. “At Innovative ECMO, our first priority is patient access to ECMO, so we support hospitals with turnkey implementation and expansion of their life-saving ECMO capabilities. We also ensure that our providers are well cared for so that they can deliver the absolute best patient care. 

“By definition, ECMO patients are on life support,” Dr. Mehall added. “In order to thrive in the high-stress ECMO world, our ECMO specialists have to receive the time they need to live balanced lives, to recharge, and return to give each patient their best every day.” 

Highlights of our highly competitive compensation package include: 

  • 24 weeks a year (that’s six months!) of protected time off for full-time ECMO specialists
  • Self-selected work availability scheduled two months or more in advance
  • A guaranteed base salary and benefits, including 401(k) with company matching
  • Paid travel days
  • Paid training and orientation
  • Annual CME allowance
  • The opportunity to earn for extra work and achievement bonuses 

At Innovative ECMO, we’re the nation’s leader in expanding patient access to ECMO through education and ECMO program start-up and support. Annually, we cover more than 100,000 hours of ECMO at over 100 hospitals and train more than 1,000 providers. Workforce solutions are tailored to the needs of individual hospitals and can include comprehensive ECMO and perfusion program management, turnkey ECMO program startup, and high-census ECMO staffing support, among other solutions. ECMO education and training is delivered through in-person didactic on-site classes as well as a fully accredited online training platform, plus high-fidelity simulation, cannulation training, and hands-on wet lab simulation delivered on-site for clients.

Innovative ECMO is currently hiring ECMO specialists of all experience levels. To learn more and apply, email [email protected] or call 800-847-ECMO (3266).

Are you ready to rethink your hospital’s ECMO strategy?

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