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Innovative ECMO Concepts is proud to offer an extensive suite of ECMO education offerings tailored to the needs of different healthcare professionals.

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Successfully Trained Thousands of Specialists

Our online platform is fully accredited for CME/CEU credits, providing foundational concepts and theoretical knowledge accessible at the learner’s convenience. For hands-on experience, we also provide in-person simulation and wet-lab training, accredited by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.

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Precepting with experienced ECMO Specialists to provide bedside education in a real-world environment.

With the support of our knowledgeable and experienced preceptors, we offer hands-on instruction delivered directly at the patient’s bedside. This approach ensures a practical, real-world learning experience within the actual clinical environment. This teaching method allows for immediate feedback and individualized instruction, which can increase the speed new skills are acquired and integrated. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to address and discuss specific patient scenarios in real-time, thus enhancing the understanding and application of ECMO management principles. Ultimately, bedside precepting ensures your team is confident and well-prepared to handle ECMO cases with the highest standard of care.

Preceptor Education at a Glance

  • Live, bedside education while an ECMO patient is on support
  • Real-time training with real-life patient situations
  • Scenario-based environmental training
  • Preceptor-led staff-training models
  • Scheduled competency evaluations
  • Reinforcement of emergency responses
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Online education featuring structured, standardized, and comprehensive ECMO training.

Innovative ECMO Concepts is dedicated to providing powerful and accessible learning resources for your ECLS educational needs. We offer a robust, on-demand online training program. Whether you are building a new team or integrating new staff into an existing one, our comprehensive e-learning platform is designed to empower your staff with the essential knowledge and skills they need to excel in patient care. We also offer optional blended learning experiences, which combine our online course with in-person training.

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Simulation Videos

Simulation videos are also available. These simulated bedside scenarios depict common complications or emergencies encountered at the ECMO bedside. Features several equipment options, VA and VV modalities, and downloadable competency forms for staff evaluations.

Access our e-learning portal to learn more about our online sessions.

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In-person ECMO training courses provide in-depth ECMO education and hands-on drills using state-of-the-art high-fidelity simulation.

Our in-person educational training bridges the gap between knowledge and practice, ensuring your team is equipped to manage actual ECMO cases with proficiency and confidence. Innovative ECMO Concepts understands the importance of familiarity with your specific equipment, which is why our specialized educators provide training at your facility. We use the ECMO equipment you have on-site to provide practical, hands-on instruction, facilitating a seamless transition from learning to implementation.

In-Person Training at a Glance

  • Classroom didactic ECMO education based on ELSO guidelines and recommendations
  • High-fidelity simulation and hands-on instruction to reinforce essential skills and troubleshooting
  • Experienced instructors engage directly with your staff to share experiences and answer questions
  • Enhance learning retention
  • Minimize time away from the bedside
  • Customized training plans to meet your staff availability
  • CEU application assistance
  • Post-course knowledge assessment and score report

A Blended Learning Experience

In-person training can also be combined with online learning to create a comprehensive, blended learning experience. In this integrative offering, learners can progress at their own pace online, absorbing theoretical knowledge while preparing for the intensive hands-on practical training session. This fusion of digital and in-person training results in a well-rounded understanding of ECMO processes.

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Continuing education delivers professional development and enhances overall staff competency.

Ensuring the knowledge and competency of your ECMO team should not be overlooked.  Innovative ECMO Concepts can assist with not only training new ECMO Specialists but also engaging experienced staff to refresh current skills and incorporate new concepts. Continuing education services can be customized to meet the unique needs of your institution including annual competencies, hands-on refresher sessions, knowledge assessments, and consultation during team meetings or case reviews.

Maintenance of Competency (MOC) Program

Our Maintenance of Competency (MOC) Program combines weekly lessons from our accredited online curriculum with quarterly in-person, on-site classes. This blend ensures your ECMO team stays current, refreshed, and up-to-date with the latest standards and practices in the field. The MOC program emphasizes not just the acquisition but also the ongoing reinforcement of crucial knowledge and skills for ECMO administration.

Uniquely Tailored For You

Each learning opportunity is uniquely tailored to the different learning and development needs of ECMO professionals, ensuring the right balance of theory and practice for an effective learning outcome.

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In collaboration with our CAMTS-accredited air carrier, Innovative ECMO Concepts can offer ground, rotary, and fixed-wing transport for any ECMO or Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) patient. Our transport services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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