Top Three Considerations When Establishing An ECMO Program

We are proud to announce that one of our partners has been featured in Healthcare Business Today, a leading publication for healthcare professionals. The article focuses on the importance of carefully planning and executing the establishment or expansion of an ECMO program in hospitals, emphasizing the benefits of partnering with experienced ECMO service providers like IEC.


Technology has revolutionized almost every industry imaginable. The healthcare sector is no exception and has seen a significant transformation driven by technological advancements. These innovations are enhancing the delivery of medical treatments and making previously complex therapies more accessible. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) exemplifies such an advancement. It serves as an essential treatment option for patients with severe respiratory or cardiac failure when traditional treatments do not suffice. Despite its life-saving potential, the complexity of starting an ECMO program in hospitals can be overwhelming, causing some to hesitate in providing the service. To tackle this, hospitals are seeking partnerships with established ECMO providers to effectively and affordably launch or extend their ECMO services. Through careful selection and vetting of these external partners, hospitals can address the challenge of integrating ECMO therapy into their healthcare offerings.

Key Considerations for Launching an ECMO Program

Here are three areas to consider when looking to establish or expand an ECMO program with a partner:

  1. Cost Management: Establishing an ECMO program can be financially daunting due to unforeseen expenses and potential overspending during the startup phase. Partnering with experienced ECMO service providers can offer hospitals a clear roadmap with transparent, upfront pricing, helping manage costs efficiently. This strategic partnership ensures that financial resources are used effectively, reducing the financial risk associated with setting up new clinical services.
  2. Speed and Expertise: Starting an ECMO program from scratch is time-consuming and fraught with challenges, especially in maintaining sufficient patient volume to ensure clinical expertise. Utilizing established ECMO service providers can significantly accelerate the program’s launch. These providers bring extensive experience and allow hospitals to quickly increase patient loads, thereby rapidly building internal expertise and transitioning toward operational independence.
  3. Operational Stability: The complexity of establishing and expanding an ECMO program involves detailed logistics management and avoiding common financial pitfalls, such as those associated with ECMO-specific billing and coding practices. Partnering with an ECMO provider can help navigate these complexities, ensuring the program is not only clinically effective but also financially viable. Service providers contribute infrastructure and reimbursement expertise, which supports hospitals in achieving a sustainable and profitable ECMO program.

Are you ready to rethink your hospital’s ECMO strategy?

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