IEC’s Dr. John Mehall Unmasks the Truth about ECMO on the KevinMD Podcast

The aftermath of the global pandemic has forever changed the healthcare landscape in the United States. In the midst of these transformative shifts, our very own Dr. John Mehall, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and physician executive at Innovative ECMO Concepts (IEC), recently took the spotlight on the KevinMD podcast. He shared his valuable insights and discussed his recent article, “3 Myths about ECMO that are Costing Hospitals and Patients.”


In the podcast, Dr. Mehall eloquently discusses strategies to meet the evolving demands of today’s healthcare landscape. One standout solution he advocates for is the implementation of ECMO programs, which enable hospitals to not only enhance their financial viability but ultimately extend a second chance at life to patients who might have otherwise succumbed to their conditions. Through his insights and personal experience, Dr. Mehall navigates through the misconceptions surrounding ECMO, shedding light on the barriers that have hindered its full-scale adoption.


Tune in to the KevinMD podcast at one of the links below and learn more about the pervasive myths and untapped potential of ECMO.


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