ECMO Made Easy: How a Mobile App is Transforming Critical Care

At Innovative ECMO Concepts (IEC), our team is composed of expert clinicians who work with ECMO patients on a daily basis. By staying attuned to the evolving needs of ECMO providers, we’re able to develop solutions that solve real-world challenges. One example of this is our ECMO Clinical Calculator mobile app. After hearing consistent feedback from providers about the need for a tool to streamline complex ECMO calculations, Tom Preston, executive vice president and co-founder of IEC, created an app that compiled all the key ECMO formulas into one place. 

The ECMO Clinical Calculator app allows clinicians to quickly lookup parameters like flow rates, oxygen consumption, cannula sizing, and more without having to memorize formulas or search through manuals. Every second counts—especially in the fast-paced world of critical care medicine, where access to accurate and efficient calculations can make a significant difference in patient outcomes.

Tom Preston explains, “It was always a challenge for clinicians to remember the mathematical formulas we used with ECMO patients, especially since they weren’t consistently utilizing these calculations when caring for non-ECMO patients. The goal with the app was to put everything in one location to speed discovery when they had clinical questions.” As intended, this app makes ECMO calculations a breeze for clinicians, offering them quick access to vital information when they need it most.

One of the most unique and valuable aspects of the app is the selection of the arterial and venous or single dual-lumen veno-venous cannula for an ECMO patient. Historically, clinicians had to cross-reference pressure flow curves within the instructions for use (IFU) of each cannula, which could be time-consuming and cumbersome. With the app, clinicians can now easily evaluate multiple cannulas simultaneously to ensure they provide the desired flow rate while staying within commonly accepted pressure limits for ECMO support.

The ECMO Clinical Calculator app isn’t limited to a specific group of healthcare professionals either—it’s a valuable tool for a wide range of healthcare providers. Physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, respiratory therapists, perfusionists, and ECMO specialists can all benefit from the app’s extensive capabilities. Whether clinicians are working in the emergency department, trauma department, cardiac catheterization lab, operating room, or intensive care unit, this app can simplify mathematical calculations that are essential in patient care.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from healthcare practitioners who’ve incorporated the ECMO Clinical Calculator app into their workflow. The app’s user-friendly design and comprehensive collection of formulas have made it a go-to tool for critical care calculations. As a result, this app has become an essential resource for clinicians, streamlining their decision-making processes and enhancing their ability to provide exceptional patient care.

Given its popularity among clinicians, the app will continue to evolve and improve. IEC actively seeks feedback from users and is open to adding new formulas and features that address the evolving needs of healthcare providers. As the field of critical care medicine advances, so too will this indispensable tool.

The ECMO Clinical Calculator app is a testament to IEC’s commitment to being at the forefront of healthcare solutions. With the app in hand, healthcare professionals can navigate the intricate world of ECMO with confidence, knowing that precise calculations are just a few taps away. It’s a prime example of how technology, paired with real-world insights, can empower clinicians and improve patient outcomes in the ever-advancing field of critical care medicine.


The app is available for free download at the following links:


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